Whether you admit it or are in denial, our daily lives are pretty heavily reliant on our cell phones and computers. From the crack of dawn, they are utilized as an alarm clock. Throughout the day they’ve become our calendars as well as our main source of communication between work, family, and friends. For many people, they’ve replaced physical books. We even find ourselves surfing the internet any spare moment we have, jumping from wave to wave until we realize that we’ve been watching videos of cats wearing hats for a little longer than might be necessary. The point is that whenever our device is broken, we can feel a little detached from the outside world. So, where do you turn when you need a computer or smartphone repair in Chicago?

We know that you have many options. You either continue to pick shattered glass out of your ear after every phone call if your screen is broken, resorting to the conclusion that this is just how it’s going to be. You could throw it into the Chicago River and go spend the money on a new one. You can make an appointment at one of the big tech company stores, OR you can drop by NovaFix and get a FREE 15-minute estimate, and have your phone or computer repaired quickly, efficiently, and for an affordable price. Here are a few reasons why this is the obvious choice.

Who Knows When Your Appointment Will Be At the Big Companies

Sure, your first thought might be to visit the “geniuses” at the Apple store or the “geeks” at Best Buy, and while we don’t doubt their expertise, more often than not you can’t have an appointment scheduled for a week or more. That doesn’t cut it! You want your device back now, right? When you come to NovaFix, not only will you get a FREE 15 minute estimate so you won’t get charged any hidden fees, but then you can watch as our smartphone repair specialists work their magic and have the phone you thought was done for working in perfect condition once again to watch all of the cat videos you want! If you can’t make it in, we’ll come to you for screen replacements!

Our Specialists Are Experienced and Friendly

Here at NovaFix, our focus is on exceptional customer service. We truly care about getting your device up and running again. Whether you’re looking for phone repair service, computer repair, screen replacement, what have you, our experts have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to get the job done.


You don’t have to leave your device with us or wait for an extending amount of time. When you choose NovaFix for your computer or smartphone repair, you’ll be able to lounge in our lobby, explore our accessory section, or watch as your precious alarm clock/schedule/phone/entertainment device gets brought back to life! Be sure to drop into our Chicago Avenue location, or contact us (use whatever you’re using to read this if your phone is broken) and let us work our repair magic!