So your iPhone has decided to take a swim? Whether it leaped out of your hands and swan dived into the toilet, or decided to test the temperature of Lake Michigan, the most important thing for you to do is to resist the urge to panic. Technology has rapidly advanced in recent years, and with stronger water resistance, a quick dunk is no longer a death sentence for iPhones.

We understand that your phone is extremely important to you and your day-to-day activities. From making plans for the weekend to emailing clients or coworkers, it can be a terrifying couple moments wondering if your phone has just become a very expensive paperweight.

At NovaFix, we’re here for all of your tablet and iPhone repair needs in Chicago, so if all hope seems lost, be sure to bring it in! With nearly a decade of experience repairing seemingly unfixable smartphones, tablets, and computers, we’ve seen it all. But before bringing your soaked smartphone into our technicians, follow these simple steps to see if you can’t get it back to working order on your own.

Power Down and Remove the Case

If you were lucky enough to have your phone off before its swim, leave it that way! However, we know this is not often the case. Be sure to avoid using the phone, or plugging it into a charger before giving it time to dry off. Using the phone while it’s wet will likely cause it to short-circuit, resulting in significant damage that could have easily been avoided.

If you have a case, make sure to remove it. Water has probably seeped in, causing your phone to absorb every bit of moisture. We’ve seen many clients come in assuming that they’ve dried off all of the liquid, only to find more water hidden within the case.

Remove SIM Card

As soon as possible, be sure to remove your SIM card. You might need to grab a paperclip to achieve this, but this step is necessary if you would like to keep all of the information on your phone safe. Put the SIM card in a safe space (that you won’t forget!), and leave the tray off and the slot open in order to air it out.

Wipe It Off and Leave It to Dry

Grab a soft, absorbent cloth and wipe down your iPhone. Be sure to focus on any areas that water could have seeped in, such as the charging port and the headphone jack. After this, place your phone in a dry space for an extended amount of time in order to let the water fully evaporate. It’s recommended to do this for up to 48 hours, but we know you want your phone working before that, so to add some haste to drying it out, get some silica gel packets!

Silica Gel Packets

While many people claim that leaving their soaked phone in a bag of uncooked rice has worked miracles, there’s also a risk of causing more damage. We have often found pieces of rice stuck in the iPhone headphone jack or charging port. There’s another, safer way to dry out your phone with no risk! Get your hands on some silica gel packets (often shipped with electronics, or found at your local craft shop). Make sure you have enough to cover your phone and let them do their magic. These packets will efficiently dry out your iPhone without causing more unnecessary damage.

Bring It In to Us

If nothing seems to be working, and your phone is still on the fritz, be sure to bring it into our repair shop. Along with cracked screens, water damage is the most popular issue our customers experience, and our repair technicians are experts in fixing the problem. Even if your phone took an extended swim, we’ll be able to get it back in working order without you having to spend the extremely expensive costs to get a new phone.  


Whether your smartphone has water damage, a cracked screen, or the problem is a mystery, our technicians will be able to provide you with our technological services at a price that you can afford. We’re specialists in all brands and models and are one of the most trusted computer, tablet, and smartphone repair shop in Chicago. Just come on in, and we’ll give you a FREE 15-minute estimate. Following this, you can relax in our free wi-fi lobby and watch our experts get to work repairing your device. If you’re unable to make it into our Chicago Avenue location, don’t worry about it! We now provide on-demand screen repair services, so we’ll come to you! Be sure to stop in, or contact us now with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!