It wasn’t too long ago that our computers came with massive towers, tablets were only seen in science fiction movies, and cell phones we’re only used by the rich and famous, not to mention they were the size of bricks. As we found ourselves undergoing massive technological advancements, computers became smaller and more efficient, tablets became a reality, and cell phones became as ubiquitous as the wallets we carry.

It almost goes without saying that our daily lives are interconnected with our devices and digital presence. We use our phones for our alarm clocks, schedules, social media, and, of course, calling and texting. Our computers and tablets are used for work just as much as they’re used for play. So if your device gets a crack, suffers water damage, any kind of troubleshooting issues, and more, your daily life is dramatically affected. Lucky for you, NovaFix has the skills and experience to repair your device today!

Specializing in computer, tablet, and cell phone repair in Chicago, don’t go spend the wallet-busting cost of a new device, instead bring it to us. We pride ourselves in providing the best device repair services in the area, and will find a solution, even when you’ve lost all hope and think your phone, tablet, or computer are unfix-able. We know important it is for you to get your device back in its original condition, and guarantee satisfaction for our customers.

Providing a free 15-minute estimate to diagnose the issue, you can then watch our smartphone, tablet, and computer repair experts do what they do best, and be on your way before your loved ones or co-workers even know that you’re temporarily sans technology.

Our repair technicians are licensed and certified, and specialize in all models and brands, from Samsung to Apple, to guarantee superior service, and a phone, computer, or tablet that looks functions like it was just purchased. Don’t see your device listed on our site? No need to worry, we more than likely can still repair your device, just fill out this form and we will send you a free quote!

Is your schedule too full, or just can’t seem to make it to our Chicago Avenue location? We’ll come to you! We want to give our customers incomparable customer service, so we now offer on-demand screen repair for your smartphones.

Our specialists will not only repair your cell phone, computer, or tablet quickly and efficiently, but for an affordable price as well. We know having a broken device is already a stressful situation as it is, so we don’t want to add costly repairs to that as well. With our free 15-minute estimate, you’ll know the repair required, and won’t be surprised by any hidden fees or charges.

So, are you reading this blog through a cracked screen, or still waiting for this last paragraph to load on your computer? Stop struggling, and bring your device in to NovaFix, the most dependable computer, tablet, and cell phone repair shops in Chicago. Your device will seem brand new in a matter of minutes, so what are you waiting for? Drop in or contact us today!